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Tumbi Wetlands
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CLICK on Australian Government site: Why do we have wetlands?

Our biodiversity page branches out into human intervention, a Web of Life page, a Fauna at Tumbi page, a Fungi at Tumbi page and a page about the variety of animals at Tumbi Wetlands.

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What’s in flower shows all plants known in Tumbi Wetlands, and when possible photos are also displayed. What’s in flower takes you to the monthly pages.

Wetlands Plants takes a different look at the wetlands, listing the plants by their habit, e.g. herb, shrub, lily, grass.
It also attempts to describe the nature of the Melaleuca Sedge Forest and the Alluvial Floodplain Shrub Swamp Forest that make up this area.

Aboriginal use of plants reports on the recent visit to our site by Aboriginal traditional person, Gavi Duncan. He walked through the wetland reserve with us to see and talk about the plants his people might have used.

Wetlands news and History. This page traces a history of Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare, including fires and reports recent changes.

The location of Tumbi Wetland Bushcare and the meeting times are shown here along with a description of the work done by Bushcare volunteers.

Plant Identification page gives some tips on how to recognise plants with the help of the Sydney Botanic Gardens Herbarium and also shows some plants recently identified there.

This website now has a wordpress backend with a central database of plants with all their details. The many pages of information use this database. WordPress will enable you with a little skill to produce a site like this one, for your landcare project.

Biodiversity looks at some research conducted in cooperation with the Australian Museum, aimed at putting tools for biodiversity measurement into the hands of volunteers.



  1. Human Intervention looks at how we humans can upset or help the balance that exists in the natural world.
  2. The Web of Life page presents a view of how all creatures are interdependent.
  3. This page shows examples of interdependence.
  4. A page about fungi and their role in biodiversity, together with some examples from Tumbi Wetlands.
  5. Now a page about the variety of animals at Tumbi Wetlands fills out the story.
Use Search box at top of each page to find any plant, month, word or phrase in this website. Type just the first few characters of a word then scroll down through the results.


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