Biodiversity at Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare

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  • Replanting bushland is an attempt to restore the environment to its original condition.
  • However so many components of the original environment are now missing
    that it is not possible to know if you have really improved biodiversity.
  • Some method of evaluation of the work is necessary if you are to find out.
  • Professional evaluation is prohibitively expensive, yet it is a complex task for volunteers.
  • Now there is a new way. At Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare we plan to use the BugWise system advertised for schools by the scientific staff of the Australian Museum, Sydney.
We will report findings here, on this website, an we hope you will appreciate and try out this important area of volunteer evaluation of biodiversity.

Findings of research at Tumbi Wetlands

using the Web2Spider Biodiversity Monitoring tool

DateSurvey description DescriptionTransect 1Transect 2
30-10-2007Preliminary survey before Crofton weed was removed Total number of webs2514
Number of web types74
Average number of webs19.5
Average number of web types5.5
10-04-2008Crofton weed was removed and replanting of transplanted tube stock commenced Total number of webs3111
Number of web types65
Average number of webs21
Average number of web types5.5
17-10-20086 months after replanting of transplanted tube stock completed Total number of webs4128
Number of web types86
Average number of webs34.5
Average number of web types7
10-04-200912 months after replanting of transplanted tube stock completed Total number of webs3837
Number of web types711
Average number of webs37.5
Average number of web types9

Another survey may be made in October 2009 and if so, the results will be listed when available.

In the transect area the plant growth is making parts inaccessible.

Watch for changes in the average numbers of both webs and web types;
e.g. between 10-04-2008 and 17-10-2008 the average number of webs has increased markedly
but the average number of webs has not changed very much.
We are looking to see if biodiversity increases as the plant community grows after the removal of the Crofton weed.


Updated on ... April 10, 2009