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What is Bushcare?

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Volunteers from Craigie Park at work
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Bushcare is activity by community-based volunteers assisted by government (often local government) and non-government organisations working to rehabilitate and preserve bushland.

There are thousands of such groups across Australia, with volunteer members spending their ‘spare’ time doing this important work with so many benefits for both the natural environment and for the community. The majority of work is done on public land in urban areas, with work also carried out on private rural land and in the urban rural fringe.

Tumbi Wetland Bushcare

Tumbi Wetland Bushcare is working on a Wyong Shire Council reserve and is aiming to preserve local flora. Weed management makes up a large part of this.especially at the margins of the reserve. As the area includes a major storm water outlet we also aim to improve the catchment for part of Tumbi Creek. With respect to this latter aim it has the support of the Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority (CMA).
When do we meet?

Tumbi Wetland Bushcare meets monthly,

on the second Tuesday

from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on each occasion,
including morning tea and a chat.

Who supports Landcare movement?

There is a significant list of organisations promoting and supporting environmental activity and actions including
  • Keep Australia Beautiful,
  • National Geographic Channel,
  • World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
  • .

Where do we work?   |     When do we work?   

The location of Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare is the area to the south of Tuggerah Lakes in Tumbi Umbi on the Central Coast of N.S.W. (Lat. 33° 23' S Long.151° 27' E )

The site for Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare is the Wyong Shire Council Reserve adjoining the rear of properties in Roberta Street, Tumbi Umbi and Thomas Mitchell Drive, Killareny Vale and the sports field adjoining Killarney Primary School.
The wetland area extends for about 12 hectares and is easily accessible from Roberta Street, Wyong Road and Thomas Mitchell Drive. Many margins have been abused for dumping of rubbish over the years but the heart of the area is in quite good condition.
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Usually weeds are only a problem around the edges but, as a result of the fire in December 2005, a large area of Crofton Weed and Blackberry germinated and thrived in the fire damaged area in the absence of native plants that were burnt off.

There is now only a residual population of these weeds after the work done by the Bush Regeneration contractors and an increasing amount of the reserve is subject to bush care. The part that experienced fire in 2004 is so densely populated that weed problems there are minimal and some small herb plants are excluded by the low canopy of young shrubs about 2 metres tall.

The area is currently, in August 2009, receiving the benefit of a grant obtained by the council for a three year program of weeding in spots where there is a problem, mostly along the margins and where there have been outbreaks of blackberry.


When do we meet?

Tumbi Wetland Bushcare meets monthly,
on the second Tuesday
from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on each occasion,
including morning tea and a chat.

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