What's flowering this month

at Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare

In order to make your virtual visit to Tumbi Wetlands more real, the following plants have been selected
as they have been seen flowering at Tumbi Wetlands in March in one of the last three years.

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What's flowering



Botanical Name


Common Name

Flowering time

Alternanthera denticulataAmaranthacaceae Lesser Joyweed February to April
Banksia oblongifolia Proteaceae Fern-leafed Banksia March to May
Banksia spinulosa Proteaceae Hair-pin Banksia February to July
Breynia oblongifolia Euphorbiaceae Breynia February to July
Caesia parviflora Lilaceae Blue Grass Lily Normally Spring - Summer
Cassytha glabella Cassythaceae Slender Devil's Twine February to March
Comesperma ericinum Polygalaceae Matchheads October to April
Commelina cyaneaCommelinaceae Scurvy Weed or Creeping Christian Warmer months of the year
Echinopogon caespitosus Poaceae Tufted Hedgehog grass December to March
Glycine tabacinaFabaceae Native clover Spring - Early Summer
Glycine clandestine Fabaceae Love Creeper Spring - Summer
Goodenia heterophylla Goodeniaceae Variable-leaved Goodenia Spring-Summer
Goodenia paniculataGoodeniaceae Swamp Goodenia Spring-Summer
Hibbertia riparia Dilleniaceae September-March
Lachnagrostis filiformisPoaceae Blown Grass August to March
Leucopogon juniperinus Epacridaceae Prickly Beard Heath February to July
Lobelia anceps (previously alata) Lobeliaceae Swamp Lobelia November to July
Oplismenus aemulus Poaceae Basket Grass December-March
Persicaria decipiens Polygalaceae Knotweed Mainly Summer
Persicaria strigosa Polygalaceae Spotted Knotweed Mainly Summer
Pimelia linifolia Thymelaeceae Rice flower Most of the year
Ranunculus inundata Ranunculaceae River Buttercup December- March
Scaevola ramosissima Goodeniaceae Purple Fan Flower
or Snake Flower
June - March
Typha orientalis Typhaceae Cumbungi Mainly Spring and Summer
Woolsia pungens Epacridaceae Snow Wreath February to March
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