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Nest box erection accomplished on May 22nd 2013
Today Dane and Scott from Aussie Tree Services arrived with their ropes and safety belts to start placing nestboxes.

Nest box construction finished on February 19th 2013
With significant help from Bateau Bay Mens' Shed and about 80 hours of work by members of the group we have now completed another 14 nest boxes.

Under guidance of Paul from Gecko Environmental Management we selected trees for the nest boxes.

Our next step is to engage an arborist to position the nest boxes in the selected trees.
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Arrival of new nest boxes from Latrobe University on November 15th 2012
Today Penny, Wyong Council support officer for Landcare delivered a set of nestboxes purchased from the Latrobe University Nursery. They were part of the EoI Grant from Wyong Council for 2012-13.
They are for Microbats, Ringtail Possums, Rainbow Lorikeets, and Wood Ducks.
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Nest box occupied on March 27th 2013
This afternoon a black tail rather like that of a Persian Cat, I thought , was seen draping from the Kookaburra box mentioned below. A photo of the the occupant revealed a different story. A Common Brushtailed Possum is shown, the first to be seen in the 12 years I have lived here.
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Placement of Kookaburra nestbox at Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare on January 31st 2012

Today with the help of Paul from Gecko Environmental Management we placed a nesbox to replace one that has been used by 2 of our resident Kookaburras for some years. The old nest was an active termite nest but after 2 or 3 years of use by the pair of larger creatures, it fell apart. The replacement was made from very second hand cypress pine floor boards. Now we are waiting to see if it is acceptable to the Kookaburras.
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First a fixing batten was nailed to the tree trunk, then a box was hauled up together with spanner to enable it to be secured to the fixing batten.
Scott is not in a tangle - just using the rope to secure himself while fixing the box.
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