What's flowering this month

at Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare

In order to make your virtual visit to Tumbi Wetlands more real, the following plants have been selected
as they have been seen flowering at Tumbi Wetlands in October in one of the last three years.

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What's flowering



Botanical Name


Common Name

Flowering time

Acacia longifolia Mimosaceae Sydney Golden Wattle May/June to October
Billardiera scandens Pittosporaceae Apple Berry September to October
Bossiaea stephensonii Fabaceae From August
Burchardia umbellatea Lilaceae Milkmaids From August
Caesia parviflora var.parviflora Lilaceae Pale Grass Lily September to November
Comesperma ericinum Polygalaceae Matchheads or Pyramid Flower August - May
Comesperma sphaerocarpum Polygalaceae Fairy Wings October to November
Cryptostylis subulata Orchidaceae Large Tongue Orchid May-August
Daviesia ulicifolia Fabaceae Gorse Bitter Pea August to October/November
Dianella caerulea var.producta Lilaceae Blue Fax Lily September to November
Glycine clandestine Fabaceae Love Creeper Spring - Summer- Autumn
Glycine tabacina Fabaceae Native clover Spring - Summer- Autumn
Gompholobium latifolium Fabaceae Broad leafed Wedge Pea September to October
Gompholobium pinnatum Fabaceae Pinnate Wedge Pea September to October
Hardenbergia violacea Fabaceae Purple Coral Pea July to December
Hibbertia scandens Dilleniaceae Climbing Guinea Flower From October
Kennedia rubicunda Fabaceae Dusky Coral Pea August to Summer
Lachnagrostis filiformis Poaceae Blown Grass August to March
Leptospermum juniperinum Myrtaceae Prickly Tea-tree October
Leptospermum polygalifolium Myrtaceae Tantoon, Commom Tea-tree September to October
Leptospermum trinervium Myrtaceae Slender Tea-tree September to November
Lomandra longifolia Xanthorroeaceae Spiny-headed Mat Rush September to October
Melaleuca sieberi Myrtaceae Sieber's Paperbark October
Melaleuca thymifolia Myrtaceae Thyme Honey-myrtle October
Mirbelia speciosa Fabaceae Purple Mirbelia July to October
Pimelia linifolia Thymelaeceae Rice flower Most of the year
Podolobium scandens Fabaceae October
Pultenaea paleacea Fabaceae From October
Pultenaea villosa Fabaceae Hairy Bush-pea July - October
Sphaerolobium vimineum Fabaceae July to October
Thelymitra sp. Orchidaceae Sun Orchids September to October
Tricoryne elatior Lilaceae Yellow Rush Lily October to February
Viola hederacea Violaceae Native Violet Mostly Spring, but much of the year as well
Wahlenbergia gracilis Campanulaceae Native Bluebell From August
Xanthosia tridentata Apiaceae Rock Xanthosia September to October
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