Snow in Summer
Flax-leaved Paperbark

Melaleuca linariifolia

This paperbark tree is one of a few small trees in the middle storey of Tumbi Wetlands. It may grow to 8 metres high but few are that high here. Its narrow pointed leaves are softer than those of the more abundant Melaleuca nodosa.

In late October to November it produces a mass of unusual-looking white flowers. Their appearance is largely determined by the large bundle of 30 or more stamens in each flower.

All of these melaleucas recovered or germinated after the fire in December 2005; October 2009 is the first time their flowers have been seen, since then.
It is known as Budjur by the Gadigal people.

Created on ... November 2, 2007
Modified on ... October 23, 2009