Blue Grass Lily

Caesia parviflora var. vittata

An erect grass-like herb, up to 50 cms tall which flowers white, to pale blue to mauve, during spring and summer.
The flowers are numerous, about 8 to 12 mm wide and mature successively on a tall raceme which persists (even the pedicel or flower stalk persists)after all the flowers have fallen. This makes it possible to recognise the plants after flowering has finished.

Notice 2 of the flowers buds, to the left of the stem and below the flower, which appear twisted. This happens when the flower closes up, after its opening.
Also observe the filaments blue(Mauve) with transverse white bands

If you find a similar plant, less than 20 cms tall with similar white, blue or purple flowers be aware that it may be Caesia parviflora var minor which is endangered. This is more likely on NSW North Coast, Central Tablelands or Western Slopes.

Scale in cms.

Created on ... October 19, 2009