In a recent email with some feedback about this site it was stated
"If only every natural area was similarly provided for!"

If you liked the layout of this website and would like to produce a similar site for your landcare group, but thought it would be too hard, THINK AGAIN!
I would like to start up a net tutorial group to help others achieve this end by working at their own pace through a series of email delivered activities.

The minimum necessary qualifications are:

(1) the ability to use a wordprocessor and

(2) a little easily acquired skill in editing digital photos.

I have been instructed in website construction only by free tutorials available to everyone on the WWW, but have been able to distil from all that is available the basics for you to successfully do the same sort of job.

If you would like to pursue this further email me and make the subject
'Help me construct a natural areas website.'
If you would like to download Lesson Summary Click here

Further downloads: Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3 and Photo

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