In a recent email with some feedback about this site it was stated
“If only every natural area was similarly provided for!”

If you liked the layout of this website and would like to produce a similar site for your landcare group, using WordPress is the way to go.  It enables access by PC or phone, a system that was not available when this project was started in 2006.

This website is an example of what similar organisations can do for themselves.

WordPress was used to build this website, but all the information it contains was derived from the original site.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Benefits include:

    • Ease of creating and editing web pages without any knowledge of coding. WYSIWYG screens are provided, but the actual coding behind each page is also available
    • Media, e.g. photos, YouTube videos, PDF’s can be inserted with a click.
    • Navigation menus are easy to create.
    • A Search box enables visitors to quickly find any information in the website.
    • Websites reformat to be readable on small screens e.g. mobile phones.
    • The mobile phone facility gets points in ranking of websites by Google.
    • WordPress continues to be improved by the large community of WordPress developers.
    • There are tens of thousands of themes and plugins suitable for all sorts of requirements including ecommerce, advertising, memberships, galleries, slide shows, surveys, forms, news,  SEO, caches, etc.
    • There are many online tutorials, FAQ’s and Q&A’s.
    • It is free.

    The catalogue of 214 wetland plants is now in full detail in a database with fields for Scientific Name, Common Name, Category, Description, Flowering Months and Photo. Various pages of the website draw information from this database.

    We used the Woocommerce plugin for this, with products for plant names, no prices, attribute and brand fields for the flowering months. We can enter the plants one by one, or by importing a spreadsheet in CSV format.

    Tables, in order to fit on mobile phone screens, should not have fixed widths.