For Identification of Plants

  • Plant Identification & Botanical Information
  • PlantNET: an on-line dichotomous key for identification of flowering plants at Sydney RBG



    climate watch

  • Climate Watch
    Log on here if you would like to be involved in some community based research about the effects of Climate Change on our plants and animals.

  • Budgiwoi Beach Dunecare Website
    Visit this site to see how kilometres of beach, degraded by mineral sand mining, have been restored. 


  • Palm Grove Ourimbah Creek Landcare Website
    Visit this site to see how a dairy beside Ourimbah Creek has ben restored to its former state as Riverine Rain forest.



  • Yallaroo is an Aboriginal word meaning beautiful flowers. It is also the home of Warren and Gloria Sheather who are doing a lot of interesting things with Australian plants


  • Flowers, plants and gardening for kids
    is a U.K. site with an excellent presentation of information about basic botany for kids. 

  • The Magic School Bus
    has a lot of interesting stuff about plant science. 

  • A Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens
    is a US webpage that offers a list of links for a number of related areas. While a number of these are very specifically for US gardens, the links to “Environmental Concerns” and “Gardening Resources” are well worth inspection for the insights and help they offer.


  • Kremp’s Guide to Photosynthesis For Kids
    is a kid’s guide to understanding Photosynthesis with lots of great things to do. Whether in primary or secondary school there is something here for you. Games, lessons and quizzes are all fun activities and help you learn really basic facts about the life of plants. 


    is a rescue and education service for our native fauna which depends on community support, including donations, to continue to care for injured animals.

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