Thelymitra sp. . . . . Sun Orchid

At Tumbi Wetlands this orchid thrives in a grassy woodland of Maleleucas where they are easily found on a sunny day while flowering – but not so on a cool dull day. Unfortunately this orchid has only been observed in 09/2006 after a rather wet 4 – Winter and early Spring. It was also the first flowering season after the Christmas eve fire of 2005. 2007 was much dryer through 07/- 08/and 09/even though 06/was very wet. I suspect that its flowering 05/have been triggered by the fire. Another small outcrop of these flowers was found in 09/2008. Research by staff at the NSW Herbarium has decided that this is a hybrid similar to the one first identified 30 kms away. (Scale in cms) Updated on … 11/8/2008

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