In December, 2004 a fire burnt out a significant part of the reserve. Recovery came during 2005 as the following series of photos shows:

Seedling Acacia l00ongifolias competing savagely for survival.
Gahnia recovered very quickly after the fire.
Lomandras were doing well too.

The above photos were taken in June 2005.

On Christmas eve the fires came again but much closer to our plantings.



Swamp mahogany explodes into flame
Morning after the fire
After the early January rain in 2006

Harvesting Seedlings

After the fires of 2004 and 2005, the regeneration was so extensive that many clusters of plants were available, growing so densely that small seedling plants could easily be harvested for potting and replacement at other locations on the site.

The clayey nature of the soil makes it relatively easy to cut out a small plant, especially after rain, for placing in a tube.