The area in this reserve where Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare works contains two separate regions which merge together without any distinct boundaries.One is a variant of the Woolybutt-Melaleuca Forest which exists on shallower soils and in which the Woolybutt (Eucalyptus longifolia) is rare or absent, where in this case, the canopy is provided by Eucalyptus robusta and Eucalyptus resinifera ssp. resinifera. It contains an understorey of Melaleucas and has about 75% grass cover.

The other is an Alluvial Floodplain Shrub Swamp Forest in which the canopy trees include the three present at Tumbi Wetlands Bushcare with a significant shrubby understorey.

As a result of this it has quite a large number of species.
More than 200 have been identified.

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