The Plant List A-Z includes all of the plants that have been identified to date including some for which no photos are as yet available. Linked to this page you will find some of the plants flowering, somewhere at Tumbi Wetlands, throughout the year.

You can scan through this list, or use the more specific lists for plants that flower in each part of the year. Click the season to list those plants. At the end of each plant’s description is a list of months when it is flowering. Not all plants have yet been identified for their flowering season.

To list plants flowering in a specific month, search for that month in the search box at top of page.

Flowering times have been taken from Robinson as well as a historic record of what has been seen over the last few years. They should only be used as an indication of main flowering times, as these can be affected by weather and other conditions. All the plants on the site are listed alphabetically by botanical name on the Plant List A-Z

To find a particular plant, use the search box at top right or bottom of each page. Search for the botanical name or the common name or part of it or of the description.

If you see any plants flowering in the reserve which are not on the page, please email us.

The photos of plants have all been taken at Tumbi Wetlands.

What's in flower

What’s in flower

References used here are:
PlantNET – the on-line database of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, and
Robinson, L, Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney, Kenthurst, 1997.


Note: Months in Australian seasons are different from those in the northern hemisphere.
Spring – Sept-Oct-Nov
Summer – Dec-Jan-Feb
Autumn – March-April-May
Winter – June-July-Aug